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The GULCH/BUBO split contains recordings of long-form ensemble improvisations by two groups of forward-thinking Arizona musicians.

GULCH is a unit manipulating guitar feedback, choreographing drum machines, digital delays, and sequencers, and re-processing and re-synthesizing through laptop patches. Proposing sound as thought, as communication, as language, the three members’ intuitive and gestural musicalities intermingle to conjure the imposing, fricative gnashing of sonic slabs. To this effect, GULCH churns the rhythms of labor, of capital, of everyday, of nature, of cybernetic feedback loops, into a grotesque and forbidding dissent of the culture industry epoch and the anthropocene.

Taking their name from a genus of owl and the root of bubonic, BUBO presents a more bright and visceral intermingling of acoustic and electroacoustic sounds. Bleached guitar vistas and longing strings roll out a desert languor winnowed by occasional out percussion abrasion.


released January 13, 2016

GULCH was recorded live at Digital Arts Ranch on October 13, 2015
Garrett Johnson - laptop
Mitchell Keaney - electronics
Parker Davis - guitar

BUBO was recorded live at Double Nickels Collective on June 13, 2014
Aaron Neber - cello, assorted instruments & electronics
Garrett Johnson - cello, laptop
John Quintos - drumset
Parker Davis - guitar

Mixed by Sam Plattner
Mastered by Sean McCann



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Parker Davis Phoenix, Arizona

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